Thinking Of Buying Fast Food? Think Again

Fast food has become a highly convenient dining option for many of us. Now, almost every shopping mall has at least one fast food restaurant, be it McDonalds, KFC, or Jollibee. As most working adults are hard-pressed for time, eating at home has become a rare occurrence and it is a common sight to see parents eating out at fast food outlets with their children. On the other hand, many people love eating fast food simply because of its taste. Yes, even I admit that KFC’s crispy chicken is indeed delicious and mouth-watering. But have you ever considered how fast food affects your health? If you have never done so, I strongly advice you to read this article. For those who have, this article seeks to reiterate the effects fast food has on your health, especially in the long run. The Angry Birds 100% approve of this article, probably because they don’t want to end up becoming your next KFC meal…

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#1: Fast Food Is A Major Cause Of Heart-Disease

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Heart attacks happen when your heart tissues have their supply of oxygen and glucose cut off. This happens when coronary arteries in your heart become blocked as fatty deposits become stuck on its inner walls. For those interested to learn more, this process is called atherosclerosis, which is responsible for heart attacks. Major causes of atherosclerosis include high cholesterol and sodium intake, lack of exercise, smoking and high blood pressure. So what is the link between heart diseases and fast food then? The answer lies in the fact that fast food products contain high amounts of harmful cholesterol and fat. The risk of heart attack is higher for those who lack exercise and consume fast-food at the same time. In fact, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health showed that consuming fast-food once a week increases the risk of death from coronary heart disease by 20%.

#2: Fast Food Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Type-2 Diabetes

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As mentioned before, fast food often contains high amounts of unhealthy cholesterol and fats, and is low in nutrition. In fact, fast food products contain high amounts of calories, low amounts of fibre and the infamous MSG, also known as monosodium glutamate. It is because of these reasons that fast food and obesity are very closely linked. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most fast food products are addictive in nature, which is mostly because they are incredibly convenient and affordable for what they offer. Right, so how does this cause Type-2 Diabetes then? To begin, we must understand that Type-2 Diabetes is caused by decreased sensitivity to insulin, which is an essential hormone responsible for the regulation of blood glucose concentration. Since fast food products are high in calories, consumption of it will result in high blood glucose levels, which in turn results in a sudden spike of insulin to keep it under control. Those who are overweight tend to have a higher resistance to insulin, thus increasing their vulnerability to Type-2 Diabetes.

#3: Fast Food Affects Cognitive Function And Memory

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Fast food products contain a high amount of saturated fats, which is already a cause of heart failure. Firstly, the consumption of saturated fats decreases neurogenesis, which refers to the production of neurones. In fact, the impairment of neurone production might be a cause of dementia and depression. Additionally, increased consumption of saturated fats decreases memory and cognitive function.


It’s fine to consume fast food once in a while, but as with all things in life, it must be done in moderation. Overconsumption of fast food products can have detrimental effects for your health and even lead to death. As they say, without health, there can be no wealth. So, let us learn to pay more attention to our diets and care for our bodies, which are extremely fragile despite of their complexity.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking Of Buying Fast Food? Think Again”

  1. I am enjoying my daily dose from your blog. Sometimes I agree with your assessment. Other times I do not. I do have issues with this post on fast food. I do not disagree with your conclusion, but I have issues with three points that you make.
    #1 Why fast food? It is an easy target, and one few will defend other than me. Can’t we extend moderation to all food? I tend to consume more calories at a full-service restaurant than a fast-food joint. I suspect that many others are guilty as well. At a fast-food place, I am able to order smaller portions. That option is not available to me at many full-service operations.
    #2 Is food truly addictive? Video games qualify as an addiction in DSM-5, the Bible for clinical addiction. Specific foods and food in general are not classified as addictive. I have studied the scientific literature on the topic. I conclude that an eating addiction is more likely than a food addiction. An eating addiction is analogous to a gambling addiction. Food addiction is more like a drug or alcohol addiction.
    #3 MSG is another easy target. Widely condemned, but the science behind the dangers is weak. You are much more likely to consume MSG in a Chinese restaurant than at KFC or McDonald’s.
    Keep up the good work, but avoid the easy targets and dig a little deeper.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback 🙂 Yes, you are right. It really depends on the person in question. This article was looking at the addictive nature of fast food, not in the clinical sense but in terms of the fact that fast food is incredibly cheap and affordable for what it offers. As you said, you can order small portions in fast food restaurants, which makes it even more enticing to order take-aways. Also, fast food advertisements are on the rise and franchises like KFC and McDonalds are constantly rolling out new meals. The food itself isn’t addictive. Rather, the affordability and advertisements that come with it are the reasons why there are so many people eating on a very regular basis. Yes, you can consume more calories in a restaurant, but the food you consume in the former often have better nutrition and lower saturated fats than fast food. In fact, your point does not fully apply to all restaurants. There are some restaurants that sell dishes with high calorie and fat content. However, some restaurants do serve nutritious meals which have plenty of vegetables and other key vitamins. Regarding MSG, yes I agree that more studies must be done on the effects of MSG. However MSG has already been known to cause some side effects in some people, such as headaches, nausea and also weakness. I appreciate your feedback and I hope that you would consider my above points. I am always keen to learn and I am glad that you enjoy my blog 🙂 It’s interesting to see that there are different perspectives for every topic. I’ll be sure to include and account for both sides of the equation in future articles.


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