The Meaning Behind My New Website Logo

Hello, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard…” Over the past month of my blogging journey, I have pondered hard about how my website logo should look like. Well, in this post, I will showcase my new website logo! Yes, you might say, it looks deceptively simple. However, I will show you how it embodies the spirit and purpose of this blog by explaining what it means, especially for my precious readers. Are you ready? Before you continue reading, do follow me and subscribe to my newsletter! Without further ado, let’s begin right now!

The Plane

#1: The Journey

I believe that blogging is a journey. Just as a plane transports a person from one destination to another, readers of this blog will be able to explore different facts of the world, regardless of their nationality and beliefs. There is always something for everyone here. Likewise, as your pilot, I will be leading you on this journey!

#2: In The Sky

Just as an aircraft soars thousands of feet above the sky, this blog transcends boundaries and offers readers a bird’s eye view of the world below. This blog will touch on many topics of the world, and every article will be a whole new experience. Unlike other blogs, this blog is not confined to any speciality. One article might be about aviation, while another might be “Roses are red, violets are blue.” jokes! Thus, keep your eyes peeled, and buckle your seatbelts. You never know where this plane will go next!

Higher, Farther, Onward and Upward

Reaching New Heights

Just as a plane climbs higher, so shall this blog do the same. We aim to improve and increase our knowledge with each passing day. As mentioned above, blogging is a journey, not only for the pilot but also for our fellow passengers. We seek to learn more about the world, whether it is through constant reading or research, as we go about our blogging business. Likewise, we hope that your knowledge of the world would increase with each article!

Fun Fact

Is there another reason for the plane in the logo? Well, aviation is my passion! Yes, seriously, I can go look at planes for hours on FlightRadar24. More on that in a later post.


I hope that this post has fully explained the reasons as to why I chose this logo. If you did enjoy this post, do consider giving it a like! Do follow me if you haven’t done so. Stay tuned for my next article!

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